Letter from the President

My connection to Wellesley has continued to grow long after graduation.

I've been fortunate to stay in close contact with several of the women I met during first year orientation (Shafer '02) including my roommate. After graduation, I stuck closely to those far-flung friends through emails, user groups, and gatherings; they were my main ties back to campus.


When I started going to alumnae events through the Northern California Wellesley Club, I discovered a whole new layer of alumnae connections. Some were women in my class year whom I had never met on campus. Some had graduated decades before me. Many had just moved to the San Francisco area, and many more--like myself--had been there for years. Most I never would have met in day-to-day life given our varied interests, activities, and careers; we crossed paths only through our relationship to Wellesley. Now I count many of those women among my dearest friends.


When I started to consider moving to the Seattle area, a former classmate and WSWC member (Hi, Molly Dorfman ‘02!) hopped on the phone to give me a rundown of neighborhoods to consider. She opened her home to me so that I could spend a weekend looking for housing. And she did all this without having seen me since graduation.


This type of connection isn’t unheard of within the Wellesley network. In fact, as I’ve met more WSWC members, it’s this type of experience that we hear about over and over.


The Washington Wellesley network has become an integral part of my life. I’ve laughed over fantastic meals with the supper club, hiked with the WSWC board in the pouring rain, had Seattle’s best copilot guide me from Horizon House to Ray’s, learned to use a samovar at Winter Tea, bundled care packages for first years, shared a short-notice Thanksgiving with a Wellesley sister… Washington State has become my home, in no small part due to all of you.


After years of strong leadership from WSWC members, it’s humbling to step into the role of president. I plan to continue making connections to other Wellesleys in Washington, and helping to facilitate connections old and new between other WSWC members. With the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the club coming up in 2017, it’s a unique time for us to learn from and share with one another. This year I’d like to continue to grow a diverse range of activities outside of our larger quarterly gatherings. After all, it only takes three alumnae coming together to make it a WSWC event.


You're all women who have made a difference in my life. Thank you. I look forward to getting to know each of you.



Laura Reigel '02

Laura Reigel '02

WSWC President

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