Member Benefits

Every Wellesley alumna who resides in Washington State is automatically a member of the Washington State Wellesley Club. Dues-paying members enjoy discounted event prices, are acknowledged in our newsletter, and receive a copy of the club directory.

Dues fund our club’s operating expenses, newsletters, and admissions events. Our Sisterhood Fund offers assistance to members who might not otherwise be able to attend events. Extra money raised during the year is donated to the Northwest Scholarship Fund, which provides financial aid to a current Wellesley student from the Northwest region.

Our club operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year, in accordance with the alumnae association’s structure. Dues can be paid at any time during the year, but most people choose to renew their membership in the fall.

This year’s dues are as follows:

Class of 2018: Free

Young alumnae (Classes of 2008-2017): $20

Alumnae: $35

Associates (Parents, Spouse): $45

Opportunities are also available to sponsor book awards, events, and the Sisterhood Fund.