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Wellesley Completes Record-Setting Fundraising Campaign, Raises More than $500 Million.

Wellesley College has raised more than $500 million, surpassing its ambitious campaign goal—a full year early—in the largest fundraising effort to be undertaken by a women’s college.

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Kelsey Tempel '13

125 Years of Alumnae Stories: Re-engage

This 125th Anniversary feature on local alumnae highlights a few members of our sisterhood who re-entered the workforce in an era where it required creativity and reinvention. During the 1970s and 80s, women seeking employment after a period focused on mo

125 Years of Alumnae Stories: Blue and Purple W's

Blue & Purple W’s go together in the Northwest

125 Years of Alumnae Stories: Spirit through Leadership

Going to any one of the wonderful Washington State Wellesley Club events, one can plainly see it takes hard work and dedication of a strong leadership team to keep our club thriving and strong. In this 125th Anniversary featurette, we share the story of
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